A deeper longing after God

Misty Edwards, a songwriter, has these lyrics in her song Soul Cry, ‘Hunger is an escort to the deeper things of You, and You satisfy’.

Dudley Daniel said, “A leader who has a heart after God will always deal with those things that will hinder the work of God.”

If there is a hunger after God, living in the miraculous will be an everyday experience.

But that would mean a crossing over (our Jordan) from the things that would be offensive to the Holy Spirit.

And the Lord came and said: Get yourself ready, in three days you are moving into the promised land.”

  1. The time of crossing over will come when we least expect it, like it happened to the people of Israel.
  2.  It may well come at an inconvenient time. For the people of Israel it certainly was!
  • It was harvest time and the farmers had planted their crops on the Jordan Valley. 
  • It was rainy season, and
  • The Jordan River was in flood.

Know that a deeper longing after God comes with a price.


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