BOOK – His Call, My All

‘The way I saw it, church was for strait-laced people who did the right thing, not for misfits like me. I was busy living life by my rules now, after years of striving and rejection. Even with all of my success and outward strength, still I walked around feeling unacceptable and undervalued. It was as if I was always the eight year old packing up his bags to be moved somewhere else. I had spent years hardening myself and I was determined to live without the approval of people – especially Christians.’

Hennie Keyter's book His Call, My All

In His Call, My All: An African Drumbeat – A Missionary’s Heartbeat Hennie Keyter looks back at his life in the service of the Lord and forward to continuing His work for as long as God requires it of him.


  • TITLE: His Call, My All
  • SUB TITLE: An African Drumbeat – A Missionary’s Heartbeat
  • AUTHOR: Hennie Keyter
  • CO-WRITER: Janet Rodriguez
  • PUBLISHER: Tracey McDonald Publishers
  • PHYSICAL BOOK ISBN / EAN: 978-0-620-58553-8
  • eBOOK ISBN (ePUB): 978-0-620-58560-6
  • eBOOK ISBN (ePDF): 978-0-620-58561-3
  • PAGES: 230 pages
  • FORMAT: Paperback
  • PHOTOGRAPHS – 2 x 4 page colour photograph sections
  • PUBLISHED DATE: February 2014


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